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Las Vegas is most well known as being the entertainment capital of the world. The Las Vegas Strip, the most popular and intriguing area of the city, is home to world-class hotels, casinos, restaurants, and some of the most stunning high-rise condos. This internationally renowned city is one of the top foreign destinations in the world and a top summer destination in the US.

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What Does Floyd Mayweather Do At Home In Vegas?

Vegas Baby Vegas

Quite a few famous people have homes in Las Vegas. Celine Dion. Carlos Santana. Me (Just kidding.) And Floyd Mayweather Jr. The biggest name in boxing, (45-0) has homes in New York, LA, Miami and Atlanta as well as Las Vegas.  What does he do when he’s in Vegas? He loves to gamble. His biggest bet was $1.1 […]... Read more

Does Your Name Have Anything To Do With Casino Profitability?

Vegas Baby Vegas

Last week Deutsche Bank sold the ueber-cool Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to the Blackstone Group. Deutsche Bank foreclosed on the unfinished property in 2008, when everything was falling apart in Las Vegas. Today, despite its reputation as the coolest place on the Strip, the stylish Cosmo has never earned a profit. The CEO’s name is […]... Read more

Market update: Prices Rising, Sales Falling for New Homes in Vegas

Vegas Baby Vegas

Although the number of  new home sales fell in March, the prices are rising, according to Home Builders Research. It reported new homes prices rose 32 percent from a year ago, reaching $277,000. The report says that Nevada new home prices are still 36 percent down from their peak price. For better or worse, changing […]... Read more

When Can You Buy a Home in Nevada After a Foreclosure?

Buyers ask me that question often. Now I have the answers, thanks to local lender WJ Bradley. First, all dates start when the negative nick showed up on your credit report. And these dates are only for conventional financing. Foreclosure:  7 years from when your lender completed your foreclosure. This applies to your primary residence, […]... Read more

Vegas Sellers: Get Real!

Last week I went to a movie with friends. I was late because I was showing homes to an out-of-town buyer. When I arrived at my seat, the woman next to me said, “I heard you are a Realtor.” She proceeded to tell me her house has been on the market for six months and […]... Read more

Nevada No. 3 in the US in Foreclosures According to RealtyTrac

Well, it beats being No. 1, which was our position for lo these many years. According to RealtyTrac, one in every 701 homes in Nevada was in some stage of foreclosure last month. Nevada trailed Florida, at one in every 407 homes, and Maryland, which reported one in every 527 homes. The US rate was […]... Read more

Wine Down on Thursdays at Aureole

The Las Vegas Strip

Why wait for the week-end? Aureole at Mandalay Bay is inviting locals to meet at the restaurant’s Swan Court patio (the prettiest part of the restaurant) to share $39 bottles of wine.  If this sounds expensive to you, please note this restaurant brags it has a 1961 Chateau Petrus for $4,500. (That’s a down payment […]... Read more